Warning Devices

LED Beacon

A bright, six-flash burst, multi-voltage, amber LED beacon with reverse polarity protection. Steady burn (continuously on) option.

Red Safety Zone Lamp 12-60

A 12–60V low power draw LED Spot lamp, on a single bolt fixing, featuring a narrow spreading beam of coloured light highlighting the presence of a nearby vehicle or machine.

Sounder Plinth

The Curtis Sounder Plinth is intended to work in conjunction with Curtis Instruments’ range of Beacons. The Sounder Plinth is suitable for most applications, such as pallet trucks, airport equipment, IC engine and battery powered fork-lift trucks, construction plant, agricultural equipment, specialist road vehicles and industrial applications.


1314 PC Programming Station

Powerful Windows® interface for adjusting settings, troubleshooting and recording the parameters of any Curtis product with a serial or CAN-bus interface. Model 1314 is compatible with all microprocessor- based Curtis motor controllers and chargers. 

1313 Handheld Programmer

The Curtis Model 1313 Handheld Programmer is a powerful and intuitive programming and diagnostic tool. The 1313 performs comprehensive programming and troubleshooting tasks for all vehicles that use Curtis programmable motor controllers or control systems. 

Motor Speed Controllers

1253 High-Power Hydraulic Pump Controller Digital

Model 1253 is a high-power hydraulic pump controller which provides both digital input and analog throttle based control of DC series wound motors. It features microprocessor based logic with programmable parameters and offers maximum flexibility for minimum cost.

1216 Hydraulic Pump Controller

The Curtis Model 1216 is a highly cost-effective hydraulic pump controller for use with series wound DC motors. It provides exceptional value for on-vehicle hydraulic pump motor applications such as scissor lifts and other types of mobile elevating work platforms.


700 Cased Solid State Hour Meters

Highly reliable solid state hour meters and counters that offer an unprecedented combination of patented technology, performance, reliability and value.

906 Solid State Battery Fuel Gauge

Model 906 is an inexpensive, one piece, easy to install battery fuel gauge. It is completely solid state and provides a reliable, accurate, and easy to read display of battery state-of-charge. Model 906 is available in six panel mount packages and a printed circuit board mounted module for custom dash panel applications.


Xeon Multi Voltage Beacons

A range of high-efficiency xenon visual warning lights 12 to 72 V and 12 to 80 V, 2 W and 5 W. Curtis safety beacons are designed for applications ranging from pallet trucks; construction and airport equipment; agricultural equipment; and forklift trucks - internal combustion or electric powered.

TH Series Tiller Heads

The Curtis TH series are tiller heads packaged in a rugged housing that offer an attractive and practical method of controlling 24V electric vehicles.