Liftsure Equipment provides specialist advice and equipment for your materials handling needs.

With over 20 year’s experience in the forklift industry we are confident that with our product knowledge and skilled manpower resources, we are able to offer the type of equipment and service your standards dictate.

Using the best systems and products available we can guide you through the sometimes-daunting process to determine your actual requirements.


  • Service Management


  • All Machines and batteries serviced on a monthly basis. Service records and faults recorded on internet maintenance management system.
  • Corresponding quotations sent per machine.
  • All faults picked up on service are reported, recorded and quoted
  • Breakdown Management


  • Time machine down, fault description and drivers name recorded
  • Daily reports to client recording time of breakdown.
  • Corresponding response on Action Plan.
  • Actions taken reported and quoted.
  • Corresponding quotation on repairs needed.
  • Quotations per breakdown sent, reported and recorded.
  • The report time machine is in operation.
  • Machine status is communicated to all necessary managers and in the daily report
  • Battery Management


  • Battery register and charging times recorded.
  • Records of charging times per battery and records on the machine the battery went into.
  • All batteries serviced and washed of acid on a monthly basisAll faults are reported, recorded and quoted
  • Battery bay maintained and cleanedAll acid is neutralized and controlled to therefore eliminate any future damage.
  • Stock Inventory Management


  • All emergency spares will be kept on site and stock lists kept up to date.

  • All regular parts are kept on site and decrease down times on machines, especially during peak times.

  • All critical parts needed and low stock levels are quoted on a monthly basis
  • Quotations sent on a regular basis
  • Inventory stock control list kept up to date.
  • Inventory stock list sent on a monthly basis
  • Workshop Maintenance


  • All floors, battery stands, wall surfaces and equipment are kept clean and dust freee.
  • The area is maintained in a clean and hygienic state at all times
  • Increase in clients Health & Safety scores
  • Contract Management


  • Monthly meetings with Client Rep on maintenance scoring ( SLA ). Client is able to score our service on a monthly basis and any problems need to be corrected for the next month.
  • All standard operating procedures will be kept on site.
  • Help increase Health & Safety scores
  • Regular visits to site by top management.
  • Help increase efficiency and communication
  • Training matrix for regular and new technology training for all technicians on site.
  • Help increase service levels
  • Regular visits to site by head technician.
  • Help increase efficiency and service levels
  • Daily Reports on Machine status.
  • Report machine services, breakdowns and times, battery services and other queries with all faults inspected for the day
  • Machine Cost Analysis reported monthly.
  • Cost on repairs per machine reported every month.
  • Able to see which machines are giving the most problems, and therefore you can determine what must be included in annual budget.
  • Health & Safety Management


  • Technicians appointed 16.1& 16.2 Safety Rep.
  • Use of Protective equipment, all accidents and injuries reported
  • Material Safety Data Sheets, Safety Acts, Standard Operating procedures on display.
  • Help increase health and safety scores
  • Internet Machine Maintenance System ( IMMS)


  • The Client will be involved in customizing the system during the exploration phase.

  • The system will be customized to meet the client’s needs.
  • SMS response system.
  • Communication on breakdowns on machines and SMS response on approvals.
  • All Machine records including breakdowns, action plans, services, and model details.
  • All Machine records including breakdowns, action plans, services, and model details.
  • All inventory records and battery records with quotations attached.
  • Faults reported on Internet System with breakdown action plans.
  • Action plans reported all necessary managers

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