Move loads from 50 kg to 120 tonnes MasterMover is the leading manufacturer of battery-powered, pedestrian-operated electric tugs used to move heavy wheeled loads safely and efficiently. All our electric tugs are designed and manufactured in the UK to meet the highest quality standards including ISO9001 and the CE mark. They are relied upon by leading brands and organisations around the world. 03 A load moving sol

A load moving solution for safety and efficiency.

Our tugs are used to move loads of all weights and sizes across a broad cross-section of industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare.

MasterMover at a glance: 

• Broad range of machines with unrivalled performance

• UK designed and manufactured

• Designed in conjunction with CE and ISO quality standards

• Vast application experience

• Trusted by major brands globally

The original electric tug

MasterMover was the first to market in the 1990s with an innovative electric tug that made clever use of hydraulics and traction to take the effort and danger out of moving wheeled loads. The original MasterTug was the forerunner for the extensive range of pedestrian operated tugs available today. We’re proud that our awardwinning tugs are helping to make workplaces around the world safer and more efficient

Exceeding expectations

From the outset we have maintained a 100% in-house design and development team, utilising exceptional talent and leading-edge software to create high performance solutions. By controlling the process end-toend from concept to completion, our products exceed the highest standards ensuring they can deal with the toughest tasks and challenges faced in workplaces every day.

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