As an interface between the battery and the vehicle, only absolutely reliable, high quality and durable connection devices guarantee the reliable and low-loss provision of electrical energy. Through a close contact with the vehicle, battery and charger manufacturers REMA knows the market requirements and the difficult application conditions of the products very well. Therefore, all REMA connectors distinguish themselves through proven functionality, ease of use, rugged durability and thus high cost effectiveness.

MRC Molded REMA Connector

In these connection devices, exclusively manufactured by REMA, the lines and connectors form an inseparable unit. The gas-tight connection increases the current capacity and service life considerably.

DIN Connector 80A, 160, 320A, 640A

REMA DIN Connectors significantly exceed the requirements of the national DIN VDE 0623-589-1 and European EN 1175-1 standards and offer maximum safety and reliability even under difficult conditions. The REMA 640A connector meets the DIN VDE 0623-589-1 and thus the requirements for the transmission of electric energy in heavy electric vehicles with lead or Li-ion batteries. The advantages of other REMA plugs have been transferred to the system:

Flat contacts

REMA flat contacts meet EN 1175-1 and thus the Machinery Directive 2006 / 42EG. They are available in various colors that correspond to various operating voltages. A simple yet effective form of coding. The following versions are available: SR (SB): 50A; 175A; 350A SRX (SBX): 175A; 350A SRE (SBE): 160A; 320A MonoCon MC.


RCC-Plug (Glow wire connector)

The REMA connector for Cleaning Devices (RCC) is a high temperature-resistant plug connection. It was specially developed for application area cleaning machines and meets the IEC EN 60335-1 § standard with the 850°C glow wire test. In addition, our RCC series are the only connectors which offer compatibility with all plugs according to VDE DIN 0623-589-1.

FT 80A Series and 150A RA Series

These connectors are designated “compact connectors” by Euro standard EN 1175-1. This means a high power transmission in small dimensions. Apart from forklift trucks, they are used, for example, in small vehicles, golf carts, cleaning equipment or electric boats.

Two pole plug (76 / 77er)

REMA’s two-pole connection devices have proven themselves over decades, and can be universally designed, since they do not have to meet any specific standards or guidelines. They are used particularly in commercial vehicles, which depend on long-term corrosion-free, robust contact and optimal power transmission. For this, the plug construction has an internal sprung contact pin which offers a large contact area, and thus a low transmission resistance. In addition, the two-pin connectors are characterized by mechanical strength, reliable contact pressure, secure protection from dirt, moisture, acids and UV radiation, as well as a stable, durable construction that protects against vibration. Contacts are available in solder or crimp version.

EX Series

Explosive atmospheres and the potential danger associated require the connectors used there to provide a high level of safety. The explosion-proof connector in the EX Series meets all separate approvals and standards and so it is approved for Zone 1+2 (gas) and Zone 21 (dust) and can be used, for example, in mines or chemical plants.


These connectors are solderless connections according to DIN EN 60352-5. As an alternative to multi-pole and insulated circuit board systems, there is another standardized connection system. With this system, pressed-power connections (male parts) are put into the specially prepared boards easily with, for example, the contact counterpart (socket part) included in the cover. Via the connected system DC Vmax 150V, max current of 50A can be transmitted.