Albright SW400 Busbar

The SW400 has been designed by Albright for use in telecommunication and power distribution applications where the load is infrequently switched.  These contactors are primarily for use with Direct Current loads, however they can also be used with Alternating Currents.

The SW400 has double breaking main contacts with silver alloy tips which are weld resistant, hard wearing and have excellent conductivity.  This compact contactor can be busbar mounted vertically or horizontally, however if mounted vertically, the coil should be at the bottom.  If the coil is required at the top, we can adjust the contactor to compensate for this. Optional extras for the SW400 include auxiliary switches, brackets, coil finishes and magnetic latching – allows the contactor to remain closed while consuming no coil power.  Additionally, silver plating on the main contacts is specified as standard (option for no silver plating is also available).