Curtis Steering Sensor Units

Curtis Steering Sensor Units replace conventional steering columns on steer-by-wire electric power steering systems. They are fully integrated electromechanical units consisting of a shaft, bearings and sensors. Steering Sensor Units convert the mechanical movement of the steering wheel into a dual-redundant electrical signal that provides steering wheel position, steering speed and direction data to the steering control system.

Curtis Steering Sensor Units are ideal for industrial off-highway vehicles using steer-by-wire electric power steering, such as material handling reach trucks and order pickers, airport ground support, construction vehicles and sweeper scrubbers.


  • Fully compatible and recommended for use with the Curtis Model 1222 AC steering controller.
  • Dual sensor outputs support the redundant safety architecture of steer by-wire systems.
  • Allows compliance with the latest international functional safety standards when used with the Model 1222 AC steering controller.
  • Sealed, maintenance-free integrated casing eliminates need for additional bearings, shafts, gear assemblies or other mechanical components.
  • No adjustment or lubrication required.
  • Compact flanged design allows simple mounting on the vehicle without expensive tooling. Simply mount the Steering Sensor Unit on the vehicle, make the electrical connections to the control system, and fit a steering wheel directly to the shaft.
  • Integrated electrical connectors reduce vehicle assembly time, simplify wiring and improve environmental protection.
  • Non-contact Hall Effect sensor technology does not wear and provides immunity from external influences for maximum reliability and accuracy.
  • Constant stiffness models are available with different torque ratings to allow use with steering wheels of different diameters to provide the correct steering ‘feel’ for the application.
  • Model SS-0003 features a variable steering torque or ‘stiffness’ thereby delivering tactile feedback to the vehicle operator.
  • Curtis Model 1222 steering controller features a fully programmable output driver to control the variable steering torque.
  • Functions such as lock-to-lock end stops and steering stiffness proportional to vehicle speed can be programmed.