Differential Motor

Differential Motor

Our Differentials / Transaxles are suitable for any traction, tow or steering application; thanks to a wide range of models and available customizations our differentials are present in many different markets worldwide: from material handling to cleaning, agricultural, airport (GSE), automotive (AGV-LGV-AMR), scissor lifts / aerial platforms, home-building, amusement parks etc.

All the gearboxes (along with the motors that power our differentials) are manufactured in our plants in Modena Italy with the highest quality components coming from worldwide known extremely reliable suppliers.

The PMAC, DC and AC traction motors that power our differentials, are specifically designed for traction and towing applications. 

Thanks to our long experience in the Industrial Automation market, especially with AGV, LGV, AMR vehicles our specialty is to offer integrated solutions that guarantee long lasting products and maximum efficiency. 

Available upon request:

  • Custom electromagnetic brakes
  • Special disc brakes
  • Additional thermal protections
  • Encoder and tacho generators