HF5 Battery Charger

HF5 – Battery Charger

The HF5 battery chargers are a series of switching battery chargers with power ranging between 120VA and 750VA, input voltages from 100V AC to 240V AC, to charge batteries from 12V to 24V. Advanced switching technology makes chargers smaller and lighter in comparison to traditional battery chargers.

Their charging method features controlled current and voltage which reduces battery wear and topping up frequency. The battery charger is equipped with an electronic control card with 3 LED’s showing different charge stages and faults, if any.

The HF5 charger can be configured for lead-acid or gel batteries. Two year limited warranty from date of delivery

Charger Output Power Range (W)N/A – N/A
Charger Output Voltage Range (VDC)12 – 24
Charger Output Current Range (A)5 – 20
Converter Output Voltage (VDC)N/A
Converter Output Current (A)N/A
Charger Output Connector – DCVarious
Charger Output Connector – SignalN/A
Converter Output ConnectorN/A