HV500 High Voltage Stud


The HV500 is a Single Pole High Voltage Contactor which meets market requirements for innovation and cost efficiency with voltages up to 500 Volts and full hermetic sealing allowing for durability in extreme environments, or where operating in potentially hazardous conditions.  Applications include automotive (vehicle and charging), renewable energy and battery packs.

The HV500 specification features a current thermal rating up to 500 amps, non-polarity sensitive main contacts, Coil Reverse Polarity protection, a variety of coil options including PWM and Magnetic Latching and coil suppression.  The HV500 options include Auxiliary Switch (Normally Open, Normally Closed and Mirror), Patent Approved Adjustable Bracket and Silver Contacts.  For further information and full technical detail, please refer to the HV500 Catalogue.