LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery - S series

LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery – S series

LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery – meet the future Lithium battery system making waves globally. It is designed to replace lead-acid batteries which provides a high-performance solution to your needs.

48V system is applied by most golf carts which can deliver you hassle-free experience for the integrated battery system finding a 48V/105A battery system that can give you a better experience in terms of high charge efficiency, maintenance-free, and less cost.

RoyPow original charger is preferred when you upgrading your fleet, a RoyPow original charger is preferred for its better performance, and it’s also a wiser match for you to take care of the batteries’ lifespan or reliability in long term.

Save Money & Staff Time

You don’t need to pay man-hours costs of regular water filling, maintenance, checks and expensive recycling costs. No battery acid stains on driveways, pavers or garage floors.

More Runtime, More Mileage

Top class performance charge at any time(no duty cycle charging needed) meaning, you can run longer up to 100km mileage.

Fast Charging & Stable Operation

More thermal and chemical stability and multiple built-in protection functions make this battery reliable and stable with enjoying faster charge times.

Give your Cart an upgrade with better performance and longer life span, here are the facts:

  • S51105 can run smoothly for its high power, and it can run up to 50 miles with full charge.
  • 3,500+ life cycles can be 3X longer than the lead acid ones, enable your fleet with a more stable performance.
  • We can save you up to 75% expenditures over 5 years, and we give you 5 years warranty to bring you peace of mind.
  • S51105 can give you more endure power and fast charge efficiency so there is no much need to wait for power recharging.