MasterTug MT300+

MasterTug MT300+

3,000 kg

The MasterTug MT300+ is a pedestrian operated electric tug that allows a single user to effortlessly move loads up to 3,000 kg.

Generating the traction and power needed to move loads easily, it’s a robust machine that can be found in workplaces across the world. Coupled with a variable speed button, the MT300+ is the perfect electric tug for the safe and controlled movement of parts, stock or containers through various environments.

An automatic tiller cut off, self-adjusting castor guard and anti-crush button all maximise operator safety. The side-loading, interchangeable battery with an optional supporting battery stand or trolley ensures the tug is available 24/7.

The hydraulic ram stroke on the MT300+ allows for increased safety and control when navigating bumps and slopes, and offers greater versatility for connecting to different trolleys and loads.

To see how the MT300+ can help improve your safety and efficiency, get in touch for more information or for a free quotation.