Motor Pumps

Motor Pumps

Our Motor Pumps are suitable for any lifting or steering application; thanks to a wide range of models and available customizations our pump motors are present in many different markets worldwide: from material handling to cleaning, agricultural, airport (GSE), automotive (AGV-LGV-AMR), scissor lifts / aerial platforms, home-building, amusement parks etc.

Depending on the application’s requirements we are able to pair our motor pumps with any of our DC, AC or PMAC brushless (synchronous) motors; our motor engineers are able to design and develop motor windings specifically tailored for any application, assuring optimum performance in any field. 

Our pump motors are designed for low voltage applications (battery operated):

  • From 12V up to 120V
  • From 300W up to 30kW of nominal power
  • International protection from IP20 up to IP65

Available upon request:

  • Additional thermal protection
  • Contactors
  • Double and triple pumps
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Forced ventilation
  • Speed sensors
  • Silenced pumps