PMAC Synchro Motors

PMAC Synchro Motors

The  PMAC Synchro Motors are designed and developed by our motor engineers are manufactured in our plants in Modena Italy with the highest quality components coming from worldwide known and  extremely reliable suppliers.

  • From 24V up to 120V
  • From 400W up to 50kW
  • From 1Nm up to 100Nm of nominal Torque
  • From 100rpm to 5000rpm

Our PMAC Brushless Motors are synchronous motors with permanent rare earth magnets mounted on the rotor developed for taction, lifting, steering applications that require constant torque even at extremely low speed.

The above mentioned  feature is achieved by the synchronism betweend the motor’s rotor and stator, an integrated sensor (SinCos, Resolver or Hall cell Incremental) provides the exact angular position to the electronic controller which manages this information and maintains the synchronism on  torque’s variations 

Energy saving is the main goal for the development and the conversion to the PMAC motor technology; due to its versatility, and superior building quality our PMAC motors are designed to extend batteries duty cycles and life.

  •  Average efficiency 93-95%
  • Max torque up to 5 times more than the nominal
  • Compact dimensions, thanks to high power density
  • Lower thermal heating
  • Longer battery duty cycle
  • Absence of friction components