SU80 Low Voltage Stud


The SU80 Contactor is an up-rated version of the SW80 Contactor designed for Interrupted and Uninterrupted loads.  It is suitable for switching Resistive, Capacitive and Inductive loads.  Typical applications include, but are not limited to, electric motors, hydraulic power packs, winches, speed controllers, UPS and Power Distribution Systems.

The SU80 features single pole double breaking main contacts with silver alloy tips, which are weld resistant, hard wearing and have excellent conductivity.  Economical in price they compare favourably with sealed automotive style solenoid switches which cannot be serviced or inspected for contact wear.  Mounting can be vertical or horizontal, when vertical the M8 contact studs should point upwards.  If the requirement is for downwards orientation we can adjust the contactor to compensate for this.